Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy and Cookies Policy for CB ONLINE LTD Trading as “”

When referring to CB ONLINE LTD T/A in this Privacy & Cookies Policy we may also refer ourselves as “We” and “Us”.

Here at we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This Privacy and Cookies Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect the personal data that we obtain from you when you visit our website. When we use your personal data we comply the applicable privacy laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

By visiting our website you agree to the collection and use of your personal data as described in this policy.

The privacy and cookies policy may change at any time by visiting the website you are automatically agreeing to the privacy and cookies policy.

(1) The personal data we collect

(1a) We collect your personal data for the main purpose of providing you with a seamless booking experience on our website.

(1b) We may collect the following personal data.

Your full name.
Your email address.
Your mobile telephone number.
The IP address that you made on the device you made the booking from.
Your payment information.

(1c) We only collect this information from you when you voluntarily provide it to us, such as when you make a booking or sign up for marketing communications.

(2) Cookies and other tracking technologies.

(2a) We use cookies and other tracking technologies on our website to collect and store information about your browsing behaviour and preferences. This helps us to improve the user experience on our website and to show you relevant ads.

(3) The cookies we use on our website include.

(3a) Google Analytics cookies.

These cookies track your browsing behaviour on our website, such as the pages you visit and how long you spend on them.

(3b) Google Ads and Meta Ads cookies.

These cookies allow us to display targeted ads to you based on your browsing behaviour and preferences.

(4) Payments & Bookings

(4a) Our third party ticketing company (Ticketinghub) uses cookies to keep track of your booking process and payments which you can find on their privacy & cookies policy here.

Ticketinghub Privacy Policy:

Ticketinghub Cookies Policy:

Ticketing Hub use third party payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal here you can find Stripes privacy and cookies policy.

Stripe Privacy Policy:

Stripe Cookies Policy:

Here you can find PayPal’s privacy and cookies policy.

PayPal Privacy Policy:

PayPal Cookies Policy:

(4b) You can choose to disable cookies through your browser settings, but this may affect your experience on our website and on the third party websites we use.

(5) Use of your personal data

(5a) We and the third party companies may use your personal data to provide you with our services, include processing your bookings sending you transactional communications related to your booking.

(5b) We may send you marketing communications (Only if you have opted in.)

(5c) We rely on your explicit consent to send you marketing communications. You can withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing from our mailing list or contacting us directly by emailing [email protected]

(6) Disclosure of your personal data

(6a) We may disclose your personal data to third parties in the following circumstances.

(6b) We may share your personal data with our advertising partners Google Ads and Meta Ads who help us display relevant ads to you.

(6c) We may share your personal data with our websites Google Analytics account.

(6d) We may share your data with our third party ticketing solution Ticketinghub and with third party payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal which Ticketinghub use.

(6e) We only share your personal data with third parties who have agreed to comply with all applicable data protection legislation.

(7) Any other questions in regards to cookies or your personal data we or third parties may hold and how it’s used and the time frame it’s kept for please contact us by email at [email protected]