Ibiza Boat Party 2024

So, you’re heading to Ibiza this summer 2024… Ah, Ibiza, the birthplace of boat parties, where the concept of floating clubs first took shape. Here’s a selection of Ibiza boat parties in 2024, each with its own unique flair. You’ll also find added bonuses included such as pool parties, club entrances, pre-parties, and after-parties. Some boast headline DJ appearances, while others offer all-inclusive bars. Fancy a dip? There are options for swim stops, water sports, and trips to secluded islands. We’ve got them all! Check out the best Ibiza boat parties below, all setting sail weekly in Ibiza’s summer 2024!

Check out all of Ibiza's best boat parties

Oceanbeat Boat Party Ibiza

Available Now!
Oceanbeat Boat Party Playa den bossa Ibiza

Ibiza Boat Club

Available Now!
Ibiza's only VIP floating beach club! Departing from Playa den bossa

Pukka Up Boat Party

Available Now!
Pukka Up Boat Party San Antonio Ibiza

Aftersun Boat Party Ibiza

Available Now!
Aftersun Boat Party Playa den bossa Ibiza

Float Your Boat Ibiza

Available Now!
FLoat Your Boat San Antonio Ibiza

Lost in Ibiza Boat Party

Currently Unavailable
Lost In Ibiza Boat Party

Experience the thrill of an Ibiza boat party

People from all over the globe flock to Ibiza, the party capital of the world, known for its mammoth super clubs and magnetism for the most famous and current headline DJs. Yet, Ibiza is more than just nocturnal clubbing. Why not elevate the party experience by bringing the club onto a boat? With an array of boat parties in Ibiza, you’re spoilt for choice. Not only can you experience the wildest parties at sea, but you’ll also be captivated by the stunning Balearic coastline, the crystal-clear turquoise waters, and the blissful, famous Ibiza sunsets. San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa are fantastic party hotspots, but there’s so much more of Ibiza to explore.

Ibiza boat parties are phenomenal, catering to everyone – whether you’re a solo traveller, a group of friends, or part of an organised stag or hen do in Ibiza. One thing’s for certain: you’re set to have the time of your life.

Choosing the best ibiza boat party for you

For those who’ve come to Ibiza single, this could be the best kind of event for you. Conversations tend to flow more freely on a boat compared to a super club, and with the added bonus of seeing many partygoers flaunting their tans and swimwear, you’ll get more than an eyeful. For couples considering joining a boat party, don’t be dissuaded by the lively atmosphere. Opt for a more relaxed boat party that culminates with a romantic sunset – remember, couples who rave together, stay together.

The variety of boat parties in Ibiza is astounding, ranging from exclusive five-star boats with VIP sofas and beds, designed for smaller party groups, to sunset party boats and high-energy boat parties accommodating up to 400 guests on-board.

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Ibiza Boat Party 2024 FAQs

There are many Ibiza boat parties which all depart from either one of two ports, Playa d’en bossa which is 3 km south of Ibiza town, and San Antonio which is on the west coast of ibiza.

Ibiza boat party ticket prices vary from €50.00 to €130.00 depending which boat party. Some boat parties have different ticket tiers such as standard, VIP and event package options. Some Ibiza boat party ticket prices also vary depending on what month of the year you book, for example, discounts are often offered before and after the peak summer season.

This depends on what boat party you book. Some have all inclusive drinks, some come with a couple of free drinks and some don’t. Here is a breakdown by boat party:

You need to be 18 or over to go on any of the boat parties in Ibiza.

Some of the boat parties include free entrances to famous Ibiza beach clubs and nightclubs. The event listings are updated as regularly as possible.

You should wear casual summer holiday clothes, but this will also depend on whether the boat party has a swim stop and what you have planed to do after the boat party.

If the event has a swim
stop you should wear swim wear under your clothes or bring swim wear with you.

If you are on a sunset boat party with no swim stop you may want to wear smart casual clothing if you plan to continue the party or visit a restaurant straight after the event.

It is very important to wear flat shoes on all boat parties.

This typically ranges from 100 people up to 400 people depending on the boat party.

Yes! Especially if you’ve come to Ibiza for a true party experience. A boat party in Ibiza is the perfect way to combine partying and sightseeing with the amazing coastline and clear blue sea.

Yes, we offer group discounts and early bird discounts on most events. For more information you can contact us by WhatsApp on ‪+447846009180‬ or email [email protected]

None of the boat parties in Ibiza have hotel pick ups. All the events have meeting points, and some events have a pre party prior to the actual boat party.

You will experience the Ibiza party scene on the water with other like minded party people from all over the world.

All the boat parties have DJs and some boats even have dancers and live percussionists!

Many of the boat parties have swim stops and VIP areas. And remember, what happens on the boat stays on the boat!

If the boat party doesn’t have an all inclusive bar you should bring some extra case to purchase a few drinks. Even if the boat party includes a free bar you might want a premium cocktail or bottle.

Most boat parties are in the day and Ibiza is hot so bring some sun lotion.

Many boat parties have swim stops so should bring swimwear and a towel if you fancy getting wet!

You definitely will need your phone camera or go pro to catch those amazing moments!