Your Complete Guide to The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Imagine stumbling upon a place so epic, it feels like Thailand conspired with nature to hide a slice of paradise right in the Phi Phi Islands. This isn’t just another pretty spot on the map; it’s where the beaches, water, and marine life come together to throw a bash so vibrant, it makes other destinations look like they’re just going through the motions.

These islands are about diving into an experience so rich, it’s like hitting the jackpot of natural beauty. With cliffs that stretch up to the heavens, waters so inviting you’d think they were crafted by a mixologist, and an underwater scene that’s straight out of a fantasy, the Phi Phi Islands are where you go to turn the volume up on life.

In this guide, we’re not just skimming the surface. We’re going deep, giving you the lowdown on how to make the most of this jaw-dropping archipelago.

How To Get To The Phi Phi Islands

You’ve got two tickets to paradise here: speedboats for the speed demons and ferries for those who like to take it easy. Both routes offer a taste of the Andaman Sea’s eye-candy, but let’s break down the vibes of each option.


This is the express lane to the Phi Phi Islands, complete with wind-in-your-hair moments and panoramic views that’ll have your phone begging for mercy because of all the photos you’ll take. For the squad trips, you can even get a private charter to turn the sea crossing into your own party.


Now, for those who prefer a chill approach, the ferry’s your ride. Imagine yourself gliding across the sea from Phuket or Krabi, taking it slow and steady with a vibe that says, “I’m on holiday, and I’ve got all the time in the world.” From Phuket, you’re looking at a two-hour cruise, and from Krabi, it’s a cool 90 minutes. Wallet-friendly and laid-back, the ferry is great, but remember, it can get as packed as a summer festival, so snagging a seat with your name on it is a smart move.

Pro Travel Tips

  • Booking ahead is the golden rule here, folks.
  • Show up early to catch your ride without turning it into a sprint.
  • Don’t let a bit of seasickness crash your party; prep with some meds if the sea’s choppy dance moves get to you.
  • Slap on that sunscreen and throw on a hat because the sun out here doesn’t play.

The Best Time to Visit the Phi Phi Islands

Deciding when to hit up the Phi Phi Islands is a bit like choosing your playlist based on your mood. Sure, you can dive into this slice of paradise any time you want, but to really max out your experience, you’ve gotta sync up with the island’s rhythm.

November to April

This is when the Phi Phi Islands turn up the heat—literally and figuratively. Picture perfect weather, endless sunshine, and the kind of warm temps that make you want to live in your swimsuit. But, just like the hottest club on a Saturday night, everyone wants in. This means you’re sharing the dance floor with a crowd, and the price of admission goes up. If your idea of a good time is buzzing beaches, crazy boat parties and a full-on party atmosphere, then this is your window.

October and May

For those who prefer their paradise with a bit more personal space, October and May are the sweet spots. You’re catching the tail end of the party or the pre-game vibes, so the islands are less crowded, and your wallet gets a bit of a break too. The weather’s still on your side, making it prime time for exploring without elbowing your way through a sea of tourists.

July to September

Now, if you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind a bit of unpredictability, the monsoon months throw in a wildcard. Yes, you’ll get rain—and maybe the odd storm—but you’ll also see the islands in full-on lush mode, with fewer folks around and prices that’ll make you smile. It’s like the islands’ version of a secret show, where you get those moments of sunshine breaking through the clouds, making everything feel a bit more magical.

Accommodations Options in the Phi Phi Islands

Hunting down the perfect spot to crash in the Phi Phi Islands is like picking your base camp in a tropical utopia. The heart of the action is Tonsai Village on Phi Phi Don, where you’ve got your pick of the bunch—from chill hostels to swanky resorts, not to mention bars and eateries to keep you fueled. But here’s the thing, Tonsai Village can turn into a bit of a madhouse, especially when the tourist tide rolls in. If you’re after some R&R away from the mosh pit, consider setting up camp at Long Beach or Viking Beach. Close enough to the action, but far enough to hear yourself think.

Budget-Friendly Accommodation

If your bank account’s giving you the side-eye but you’re itching for adventure, Phi Phi’s got your back with some wallet-friendly digs:

  • Aqua Resort Phi Phi: A no-frills joint near Tonsai Village. It’s basic, but it’s a bed, and it’s close to where the action’s at.
  • The Cobble Beach: Tucked near Loh Dalum Beach, this spot’s a steal for beach bums on a budget. Chill vibes included.
  • Phi Phi Hi Tide Beach Resort: Over on the chillaxed Long Beach, this place lets you wake up to ocean views without the premium price tag.

Mid-Range Accommodation

If you’ve got a bit more coin to drop but aren’t looking to sell a kidney, there’s a sweet spot of hotels that hit that cost-comfort sweet spot:

  • Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort: A slice of heaven on Loh Ba Kao Bay. It’s got that beach resort feel without the eye-watering price.
  • Phi Phi The Beach Resort: Bungalows on Long Beach with killer views and enough modern perks to make you feel fancy.
  • Paradise Resort Phi Phi: Hidden in a cozy cove on Loh Dalum Bay, it’s got that secluded island vibe with a pool and beach access.

Luxury Accommodation

For those looking to splurge on some serious luxury, the Phi Phi Islands roll out the red carpet with resorts that are basically heaven on Earth:

  • Zeavola Resort: Tucked away on Laem Tong Beach, it’s all about luxury villas, private pools, and eating like royalty.
  • SriLanta Resort: A private slice of paradise on Klong Nin Beach, with plush digs, a spa, and dining that’ll make your taste buds dance.
  • Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort: Not just for the mid-rangers, this place also boasts luxe pool villas for when you really want to treat yo’ self.

And for those who truly want to drop off the map, Loh Ba Kao and Laem Tong Village offer exclusive getaways that are only a boat ride away from the crowds. It’s the kind of tranquility money can buy, with a side of luxury.

Getting Around the Phi Phi Islands

Navigating the Phi Phi Islands, nestled in the Andaman Sea off Southern Thailand, is a breeze, thanks to its compact size. The primary island, Phi Phi Don, is a no-go zone for cars and motorbikes, making hoofing it the top way to get around.

Keen on checking out different spots or islets? You’ve got the choice to charter a local longtail boat or catch a taxi boat for a bit of beach hopping. For quick trips to spots like Long Beach, taxi boats zip off regularly from Tonsai Pier and Loh Dalum Beach.

Boat taxi rates are pegged to how far you’re going. Here’s a rough guide to what you might shell out:

  • To Long Beach: Expect to fork out between 100-300 baht (that’s around £3-7).
  • Heading further afield: Journeys to more secluded spots could set you back 500-1200 baht (translate that to about £10-24).

Whether you’re ambling around by foot or skimming over the waves by boat, the Phi Phi Islands are a treasure trove of jaw-dropping beaches and vistas.

Things To Do

In the enchanting realm of the Phi Phi Islands, every turn is a new adventure, every dive an encounter with the extraordinary. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Ko Phi Phi Don, you’ll find a vibrant tapestry of life, from the hum of local markets to the rhythm of island beats as the sun sets. Ascend to the Phi Phi viewpoint for a spectacle that rivals the most vivid of postcards, where the horizon stretches beyond the imagination. The lesser-trodden paths of Ko Phi Phi Leh whisper tales of cinematic fame, its shores untouched by time, beckoning the intrepid explorer.

Dive into the embrace of Sama Bay and Pi Leh Bay, where the underwater ballet of marine life plays out in technicolor. For those inclined to don a tank and flippers, Palong Bay’s underwater realm offers a mosaic of coral and creatures in tranquil waters. Not to be missed, Viking Cave stands as a sentinel to history and mystery, its walls a canvas from another era. And if your soul yearns for variety, the islands around offer a cornucopia of delights, from secret beaches to hidden coves, each a chapter in your Phi Phi anthology. In this island paradise, boredom is a word lost to the sea, and each day is a narrative of discovery with an array of awesome things to do.

Nightlife and Entertainment in the Phi Phi Islands

The main island, Phi Phi Don, is the heart of the action, offering everything from mesmerising beachfront fire shows to serene bars and bustling clubs, ensuring there’s something for every taste.

Central to the island’s nightlife is Chaokoh Road in Tonsai Village, where a plethora of bars and clubs offer an electric atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to mingle with other travelers, enjoy a drink, and dive into the lively party vibe.

For those seeking a more subdued evening, the island doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy the calmer side of Phi Phi’s nightlife by visiting a beach bar, where you can sip on a cocktail to the backdrop of the ocean’s gentle waves.

For visitors looking for a tranquil night, Phi Phi Don doesn’t fall short. There’s no better way to end the day than by watching the sunset from the beach, letting the island’s natural beauty soothe you.

Health and Safety in the Phi Phi Islands

Let’s talk about keeping it smooth, safe, and sound while you’re soaking up that tropical bliss. Here are some golden rules to keep your trip as chill as the island vibes:

  1. Guard Your Gear: Tourist spots are like catnip for petty thieves. Keep your stuff close or locked up back at your crash pad. A secure bag isn’t just a good idea; it’s your holiday bestie.
  2. Buddy Up After Dark: Solo moonlit strolls? Maybe not. Stick to the bright lights and the crowd, especially if you’re exploring after sunset. Grab a cab or a local guide if you’re venturing out at night.
  3. Sip Smart: Phi Phi’s party scene is legendary, but remember, those cocktails can pack a punch. Keep an eye on your drink and pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Healthcare Heads-Up: The medical setup here is more basic than a beach shack. For anything serious, you might need to jet off to Krabi or Phuket. Travel insurance isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must.
  5. Sunscreen is Your Friend: The sun here doesn’t play. Bring a boatload of SPF to fend off those rays. Reapply like it’s your job and don the hat and shades to keep it cool.
  6. Watch the Water: Stick to bottled water to dodge any dodgy drops, and think twice before you dive into that street food or ice.

Top Tips for Visiting the Phi Phi Islands

Ready to level up your Phi Phi adventure? Here’s how to do it like a boss:

  1. Early Bird Gets the Beach: Dodge the crowds and snag a sunrise view at Maya Bay. Trust me, it’s worth the alarm clock.
  2. Hire a Longtail for the VIP Tour: Want beaches without the masses? A local longtail boat can hook you up with those secret slices of paradise.
  3. Snorkel the Hidden Gems: Kho Bida Nok is your underwater ticket to a neon fish and coral extravaganza. Don’t skip it.
  4. North Side, Best Side: For peace, quiet, and untouched beauty, the northern beaches of Phi Phi Don are where it’s at.
  5. Avoid the Tourist Traps: Tong Sai Bay’s got the buzz, but also the hustle. For a chill vibe, hit up Long Beach or Viking Beach instead.
  6. Soak Up the Sun and Sea: When all is said and done, don’t forget why you came. Phi Phi’s beaches and turquoise waters are legendary for a reason. Dive in, lay back, and enjoy paradise.

FAQs – Get The Info You Need

What’s the Deal with Phi Phi?

Simply put, the Phi Phi Islands are your ticket to paradise. Think postcard-perfect scenery, waters so clear you wouldn’t believe they’re real, and a marine life that’ll make you want to ditch land forever.

How can I get to the Phi Phi Islands?

Catch a ride on a speedboat or ferry from Phuket or Krabi. From Phuket, it’s about a two-hour cruise; from Krabi, you’re looking at 90 minutes of sea breeze and anticipation.

When is the best time to visit the Phi Phi Islands?

If you’re after sunshine and smooth sailing, aim for November to April. Prefer to dodge the crowds and snag a deal? May to October is your window, just pack a poncho for the monsoon cameo.

How can I get around the Phi Phi Islands?

On Phi Phi Don, your feet are your best friends. To island hop, snag a longtail boat or a taxi boat and set sail to beach bliss.

What are the top things to do in the Phi Phi Islands?

Don’t miss out on Ko Phi Phi Don, the view from the Phi Phi viewpoint, and iconic spots like Maya Bay, Sama Bay, and Viking Cave for the full Phi Phi experience.

What is the nightlife like in the Phi Phi Islands?

Tonsai Village is where it’s at. Bars, beach parties, and fire shows will keep you entertained till dawn.

Are the Phi Phi Islands safe for tourists?

While the Phi Phi Islands are generally safe for tourists, it’s important to be a bit cautious, take care of your valuables, avoid walking alone at night, and drink responsibly.

Wrapping Up Your Phi Phi Paradise Adventure

With their jaw-dropping shores, crystal-clear azure waters, and a marine world that seems straight out of a fantasy, this archipelago promises an experience that’s nothing short of magical. Yes, you might have to share paradise with other globe-trotters, but the Phi Phi Islands still hold pockets of tranquility and untouched splendor waiting just for you.

Whether you’re in it for the fiesta, the chill, or the adventure, the Phi Phi Islands are poised to blow your mind and etch themselves into your heart forever.