Best Destinations for a Girls Holiday

Planning a girls’ holiday isn’t just about relaxation; it’s about creating kick-ass memories with your besties. But with a bazillion awesome destinations out there, picking the perfect spot for your ultimate getaway can be a real head-scratcher. Fear not, though! We’ve got your back with some handpicked suggestions, ranging from chill beach vibes to heart-pounding city escapades.

Top Party Destinations for a Girls’ Holiday


Ibiza is the undisputed champ of party havens for your girl gang retreat. Nights are ablaze in legendary clubs like Pacha and Amnesia, where you can dance till dawn. And hey, when the sun’s high, hit the stunning beaches to recharge those batteries for the night ahead. For an epic experience, jump aboard an Ibiza Boat Party, where the beats and the waves create a party paradise.

DJ playing music


Get ready to turn it up in Magaluf, nestled on the beautiful island of Mallorca. This place is a nocturnal wonderland, from the buzzing BCM Planet Dance to the chic Nikki Beach. Days are all about chilling on the gorgeous beaches or diving into a sea of water activities before embarking on an unforgettable nightlife experience. And mark your calendars for the Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf – a day of unforgettable partying on the high seas.

boat party magaluf girls


Picture this: charming streets, sandy beaches, and a nightlife that’s the stuff of legends. That’s Mykonos, one of Greece’s gems, and it’s calling your name. From Cavo Paradiso to Tropicana and Scandinavia Bar, the party vibes are off the charts. And for a twist, hop aboard the Mykonos Boat Party, where you can dance and sip with the crystal blue waters as your backdrop.


Hola, Madrid! The vibrant Spanish capital is your playground for a girls’ holiday. When the night falls, hit up spots like Teatro Kapital and Fabrik for world-class DJ sets. If you fancy mixing your late nights (or early mornings!) with some sophistication – soak in the culture and charm by day with stunning architecture and famous museums. Or if you’re feeling more laid-back and want a more relaxing day to recover from the night before, trade the dance floor for Madrid’s rooftop bars and sip cocktails with a view.

Ayia Napa

Last but not least, Ayia Napa on the eastern coast of Cyprus is the OG party paradise. Clubs like Castle Club and Black & White are your go-to for non-stop dancing. And when the sun’s out, hit the breathtaking beaches to soak up that Mediterranean bliss. Don’t miss the Fantasy Boat Party – a legendary blend of sun, sea, and unstoppable party vibes.

Jumping from boat party Ayia Napa

Top Beach Destinations for a Girls’ Holiday

Alright, beach babes, get ready for the lowdown on the top beach destinations for your epic girls’ holiday!


Croatia, with its jaw-dropping coastline along the Adriatic Sea, is your ticket to paradise. Beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming towns – what more could you ask for? Picture this: renting a villa on the island of Hvar for the ultimate luxury and relaxation. Gorgeous views and stunning beaches. And don’t miss Split – the perfect mix of culture, history, and beach vibes. And, of course, a visit to Dubrovnik’s ancient town is non-negotiable. Historic charm, architectural wonders, and chic cafes – the perfect recipe for a memorable girls’ getaway.

sakarun beach in Croatia


Portugal’s got your back with pristine beaches and charming towns setting the stage for an unforgettable girls’ holiday. Head to the Algarve region in the south for jaw-dropping cliffs, golden beaches, and waters so clear you won’t believe your eyes. Water sports, spa treatments, or just basking in the sunshine – take your pick. And when in Lisbon, home to the famous Lisbon boat party, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, historic charm, and lively shopping districts for the ultimate Portuguese experience.

beach in the algarve


Tenerife, the Canary Island gem, is all about stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and thrill-packed water sports if that’s your thing! This place has it all – relaxation, adventure, and a bustling nightlife. Days are for soaking up the sun and ocean views, where you can relax in a destination that feels like paradise.

beautiful beach in tenerife


Mediterranean bliss awaits in Sardinia – think pristine beaches, rugged landscapes, and charming coastal towns. Whether you’re a sunbather or a trailblazer, this island’s got your back. Laid-back vibes, delectable local cuisine, and Nuragic ruins to explore – Sardinia’s the full package.

beach in sardinia


The Greek island of Corfu is a lush green paradise surrounded by the crystal-clear Ionian Sea. Beaches, charming villages, and a rich history – this place has it all. Picture perfect beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and vibrant nightlife – welcome to the Greek island dream.

corfu beach birds eye view

Top Cultural Destinations for a Girls’ Holiday

Alright, culture enthusiasts, get ready for a girls’ holiday that’s all about soaking in the richness of these top cultural destinations!


Ah, Paris – the epitome of elegance and charm. This city, tailor-made for a girls’ holiday, invites you to stroll its streets and capture Instagram-worthy moments at every turn. Immerse yourself in art, culture, and history with a mandatory visit to the Louvre. And, of course, no Parisian adventure is complete without afternoon tea at a quaint café and a gaze upon the iconic Eiffel Tower.

paris cafe


When in Rome, do as the Romans do – and that includes embracing the incredible mix of history, cuisine, and sightseeing. Explore ancient ruins like the Colosseum, then treat your taste buds to authentic Italian dishes (gelato, anyone?). Wander through charming streets, capturing the beauty on your camera, because Rome’s cultural tapestry will gift you countless memories to treasure.

rome colosseum


Vienna, Austria – a city dripping in art, music, and history, just waiting for you and your squad to explore. From the breathtaking Schönbrunn Palace to the allure of classical concerts and the wealth of museums, Vienna is a cultural haven. Prepare for a girls’ holiday where every corner radiates with the essence of culture.

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria


Hungary’s gem, Budapest, is the perfect fusion of history and rejuvenation, creating an irresistible blend for your girls’ getaway. Picture this: lounging in thermal baths for a relaxing afternoon, then venturing into the historic Castle District. Budapest’s captivating culture will leave you longing for more, ensuring a return trip is on the horizon.

thermal baths in budapest


For the fashion-forward and art aficionados, Milan, Italy, is the place to be. This stylish city offers high-end shopping experiences and architectural wonders like the iconic Duomo. With a cultural scene that’s as rich as its espresso, Milan is the perfect canvas for Instagram-worthy moments, making it an ideal destination to share with your closest comrades.

tram in milan

Planning Your Girls’ Holiday

Let’s dive into the art of crafting the perfect girls’ holiday – a trip that checks all the boxes for you and your squad.

Setting the Budget

First things first, let’s talk money. Decide on a budget that’s a harmonious blend for everyone in your group. If luxury is your jam, aim for a swanky resort or a pimped-out villa. But if you’re balling on a budget, no worries – there are chic apartments and pocket-friendly accommodations waiting to be discovered.

Activities Tailored to Your Crew

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes your gang tick. Are you foodies who’d gladly stroll through markets and devour local delights? Pick a destination dripping in restaurants and markets within walking distance. History buffs? Choose a city that’s practically an open-air museum. And if nightlife is your love language, seek out spots with buzzing bar scenes, top-notch clubs, and cocktail experiences that are nothing short of legendary.

Oh, and we can’t forget the beach factor. If sun, sand, and sea are non-negotiables for your girls’ getaway, put on your research hat. Find the crème de la crème beach destinations, factoring in the weather vibes and the quality of that sandy shoreline. Whether it’s waterfront relaxation, luxe beach clubs, or high-octane water sports, make sure your chosen spot brings the beach magic.

Creating Unforgettable Moments

By blending these factors, you’re not just planning a holiday; you’re crafting an experience tailored to the quirks and charms of your crew. Whether it’s indulging in pampering sessions, uncovering culinary wonders, or dancing the night away, your holiday will be a canvas for unforgettable moments.

So, gather your crew, unleash your inner travel maestro, and get ready for a girls’ holiday that’s not just a trip – it’s a masterpiece!