Is a Party Holiday in Kavos Cheap or Expensive?

Ah, Kavos. This little gem nestled on the island of Corfu in Greece is the stuff of legends for party animals worldwide. It’s like the universe took a cocktail shaker, filled it with beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and a dash of Greek charm, and poured out Kavos. But, let’s talk turkey (or should I say, souvlaki?). How much moolah do you need to live it up in Kavos? Let’s break it down.

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How Much Spending Money for Kavos?

So, you’re planning to hit Kavos and live it up like a rockstar, eh? Well, your budget is going to depend on your plans. If you’re thinking of painting the town red every night, dining out, and maybe even trying out some watersports (because why not?), you’re looking at around 750€ for a week. This includes your digs, grub, drinks, and entertainment. But remember, this is just an average. If you’re a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget kind of person, you might need to tweak this a bit.

How Much Are Drinks in Kavos?

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Drinks! Kavos is teeming with bars and clubs that serve up a smorgasbord of drinks at prices that won’t make your wallet cry. On average, you can get a beer for around €2.50 at a bar, and in clubs, it might go up to €4. Cocktails and other boozy delights can vary in price, but they’re generally affordable. And hey, there’s always happy hour!

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Comparing Kavos to Other Party Destinations

If you’re weighing up Kavos against other party hotspots like Ibiza or Mykonos, let me tell you, Kavos is the underdog that packs a punch. A beer in Ibiza can set you back around €7, almost double what you’d pay in Kavos. And while a day in Mykonos can cost you over €100, you can live it up in Kavos for around €50 a day. So, if you’re looking for a party paradise that won’t break the bank, Kavos is your guy.

Is Kavos Cheap?

In the grand scheme of popular holiday destinations, Kavos is like that hidden sale rack in your favorite store – it’s a bargain! The cost of accommodation, food, and drinks is generally lower than in other European party towns. Plus, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available, from wallet-friendly hotels and apartments to cheap and cheerful eateries and bars. So, if you’re planning a party holiday on a shoestring, Kavos is your dream destination.


A party holiday in Kavos can be both affordable and unforgettable. With a bit of planning and budgeting, you can soak up the sun on stunning beaches, dance the night away, and indulge in delicious food without selling a kidney. So, pack your party pants and get ready for a fabulous holiday in Kavos.

And hey, while you’re there, why not take the party to the high seas? The Kavos Boat Party is an absolute must-do. Picture this: you, your friends, a boat, the open sea, and a party that’s off the charts. It’s like the cherry on top of your Kavos sundae. Trust me, it’s a day you won’t remember but definitely won’t forget! So, what are you waiting for? Get booking, and I’ll see you in Kavos!