3 Party Islands in Europe You Need to Visit

With its well-preserved medieval towns, delicious cuisine, and beautiful languages, Europe is an incredibly storied continent steeped in history and culture. As one of the top destinations for travel and tourism, it remains one of the most popular places to be. However, beyond its unforgettable scenery and tantalising dishes, Europe is also home to one of the most colourful, vibrant clubbing destinations in the world. 

What some people don’t know is that a few of the best party islands are found in the warmer parts of the continent. By going on boat parties in Ibiza and nearby islands, you’re in for high-spirited nights of dusk-to-dawn dancing and leisurely days lounging on Mediterranean shores. Here are three party islands in Europe you’ll need to check off your bucket list:

1. Ibiza

Everyone’s heard of Ibiza at some point thanks to its cultural significance, persisting as a frequent reference in songs and movies about its vibrant nightlife. It’s easily the most popular party island in Europe thanks to its legendary party scene and DJ sets in its enormous clubs. If you like to strike a balance between partying and relaxing, it also offers gorgeous sunset views at the beach, where you can luxuriate and recharge for a night of endless partying.

Going on boat parties to Ibiza will guarantee you a spectacular experience you can’t ever forget. You’ll want to explore San Antonio, which is always bustling with activity. It also features two of Ibiza’s über-popular clubs, Eden and Es Paradis. You can take it a step further by going to the West End, which contains pre-club bars with plenty of special deals to hype up the night.

Meanwhile, if you want to explore the other equally attractive but quieter side of Ibiza, you’ll want to explore Ibiza Town. With its sophisticated vibe, you’ll want to dine in its harbour, try out some of its refined bars, or unwind in one of its top-tier beaches in Playa Den Bossa and Les Salines. The best time to visit Ibiza is between June to September, where most of the clubs will be open. 

2. Malia

Few people know how to party like the Greeks do, which is evident in Malia. Situated on the east coast of Crete, it boasts the typical features of an electrifying Greek party island but dialled up a few notches. Clubbers and partygoers who appreciate all types of music will especially enjoy boat parties in Malia. DJs in the local clubs play everything from old-school house beats to velvety smooth R&B. Some of the famous nightspots you can’t miss are the Candy Club, Banana Club, Premier Bar, and Jumpin Jaks. 

July and August are the best months to visit Malia, but if you’d like to experience a smaller crowd, then June and September are your best bet. Most of the bars between 4 to 6 in the morning, so if you’d like to continue partying well into noon, you’ll want to visit Petrino’s 24 Hour Bar.

3. Magaluf

If you’re eyeing boat parties in Magaluf, you’re in for a treat. It’s situated on the west coast of Majorca, which enjoys hot, sunny summers—perfect for clubbing. Magaluf features the BCM Planet Dance, which is Europe’s biggest night club. With hundreds of bars and an endless list of venues to explore, you’ll be setting yourself up for a wild, breathtaking holiday.

The resort town, also famous for its expansive, fine-sand beach, has attracted the world’s best DJs. Clubs regularly stay open until dawn while hosting foam and popcorn parties, giving you a partying experience you’ve never seen before. You can also enjoy a stunning fireworks display to cap off your wild night. 

However, if you’d also like to explore its non-partying side, Magaluf is home to theme parks like the Western Water Park. It also has a sandy beach in Cala Vinyes, a perfect spot to recharge for a full night of partying.


Partying in Europe is an incredibly colourful experience, but if you’d like something more energetic and dazzling, these three islands are the top partying destinations you’d definitely want to visit. With thrilling nightlife, stunning beaches, and an overall good vibe, you’ll have a unique and unforgettable time in Ibiza, Magaluf, or Malia.

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