Set Sail: 3 Games to Play in a Boat Party

Cruising on a boat is one of the most fun-filled vacations that can truly unplug you from your routine. While boating is a fun-filled experience in its own right, families, and friends who want to maximize the time in the sea can go for a smooth-sailing getaway by packing up some games to keep the entertainment going. 

Along with lounging and having fun under the sun, the list below explores some high seas games that can crank the boating experience up to eleven: 

1. Water Pong

Starting off the list with a crowd favourite, friends, family, or strangers can chuck their boredom out the window and keep the energy alive with water pong. It’s just like beer or juice pong, only there’s a twist: you can play it in the water! 

It’s a tricky yet thrilling game that will surely grab everyone’s attention. If you don’t have any flotation devices on-hand, you can still opt for a regular game of beer or juice pong on deck, but nothing beats the uniqueness of water pong. 

2. Board Games

If you’re looking for games that can keep everyone in the group grounded yet equally invested as other high-octane games, why not take the board out for some tabletop games? You can go for classic titles that will have everyone in the family on the edge of their seats like Clue or Monopoly.

Of course, you can also take the boating theme to heart by trying out iconic board games like Ticket to Ride Rails and Sails, Catan Seafarers, Tsuro of the Seas, and other adventure games that involve sailing through treacherous waves in your imagination. 

3. Singing Competition 

For those who want a more relaxing yet exciting past-time, whipping out the mic and belting out to classic chart-toppers on the karaoke machine is a must. It’s a fun activity that allows anyone of every age to join in on the fun, but you can take the experience to greater heights by turning it into a singing competition to keep things interesting. 

The Bottom Line: Games that can Take Boat Parties to the Next Level 

Sailing away on a boat is already a unique getaway experience, but why not give it some pizzazz by bringing along some game ideas to keep the party going even in downtimes? While the negative impact of the pandemic has put a pause on major boating events and boat parties across the world, planning for the next vacation once the crisis settles down is an exciting way to greet the incoming new year with a sense of excitement for what’s to come in the horizon.  

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