Your Gran Canaria Bucket List: 6 Pre- or Post-Party Events

A Gran Canaria party is sure to be a blast since it attracts about four million tourists a year. The island is famous for its stunning white sand and black lava beaches, but there is more to do on this island than getting a gorgeous tan. 

Gran Canaria has a wealth of places to visit, from family destinations like Aqualand and Palmitos Park to natural attractions like volcanoes and dunes. If you’re looking for ideas for your next adventure, here are some things you could add to your itinerary.

Explore the Maspalomas dunes

The Maspalomas dunes cover 4.04 square kilometres and are on the south coast of Las Palmas. It consists of three ecosystems—Palmeral or ‘palms,’ Carca or ‘pond,’ and Dunas or ‘dunes.’ It was also declared a Natural Protected Area of National Interest in 1987, and it is popular among tourists interested in seeing the wildlife endemic to this oasis.

Visit Sioux City for the westerns

Sioux City is an image of what an American town would have looked like during the time of the Wild West. The replica city was originally a film set, built-in 1971, set against a cactus-filled canyon on Gran Canaria. Sioux City has a smithy, a sheriff’s office, a bank, a saloon, and other establishments sure to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the years when America was the new frontier. Come to the city for their daily Western live shows and nightly barbecues!

Go surfing in El Confital or La Cicer

Gran Canaria boat parties are blessed with mild weather throughout the year since the archipelago is known as the “Hawaii” of Europe and has a mild climate. These conditions make the islands perfect for surfing as well; surfers tend to visit Gran Canaria during winter as a break from the colder temperatures. There are various breaks for everyone from beginners to experts; two places you could visit to catch some waves are El Confital, which has some of the best breaks, and La Cicer, located in the Las Canteras beach.

Hike through Caldera De Bandama

Caldera de Bandama, a volcanic crater 1000 metres wide and 200 metres deep, is a popular destination on the archipelago. For adventurous vacationers, a hike to the crater should be part of any to-do list for the Canary Islands. The walk to the bottom takes about 30 minutes, a perfect activity for people who love being up and active in the morning.

Go on a food trip of Canarian cuisine

A visit to Gran Canaria is not complete without tasting its cuisine. One popular dish is Papas Arrugadas, which consists of unskinned potatoes boiled in salted water and served with chicken. You can also top the potatoes with mojo, a garlicky sauce. Another thing to try is Ropa Vieja, which is chicken and beef mixed with potatoes and chickpeas. For dessert, you can have Bienmesabe, a custard-like paste made from lemon rind, ground almonds, and eggs.

Walk the Camino De Santiago

The Gran Canaria has its version of the Way of St. James in Galicia. Called Camino de Santiago, this route is a coast-to-coast trek that takes you from Maspalomas to Galdar in the north-west. Allot three days to complete this trek, and be prepared for some breathtaking landscapes!


While a boat party is a great way to spend a weekend, you can extend your fun and visit other places in the archipelago. Set aside a few days for unwinding and relaxing in Europe’s Hawaii—it’ll undoubtedly be worth it!

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