3 Things to Know to Make the Most Out of Malia Boat Parties

If you are a partygoer looking for the best partying experience this world has to offer, the answer may well lie on Crete, Greek’s largest island. Crete is known worldwide as one of the best party destinations ever, and with good reason. The town is filled with cocktail bars and nightclubs boasting famous DJs keeping the atmosphere electric. That being said, if you want to party hard even before you hit dry land, then a ride on the Malia boat might be the thing for you!

The Malia boat party has been infamous for setting up the wildest and most exciting boat parties you can ever find here. If you are interested in enjoying this fantastic experience, then here are the things you must know to make the most out of it.

1. The booking procedure

With these boats filling up faster than you can fill a bottle with water, it pays to know how you can adequately book your spot on these party boats for a high chance of getting into one. 

With that in mind, you should head online and look for large companies that facilitate such booking processes. Do expect to be paying a deposit fee, where the rest of the amount would be paid when you arrive. Also, keep in mind you would want to book a spot as soon as you can, months earlier if at all possible. This will give you a much higher chance of booking on the day you want to go without making too many compromises.

If booking on the same day is more of your thing than booking in advance, then you can go to the main strip in Malia and look for the ticket offices. There, you can ask about any upcoming boat parties and make the necessary booking. 

2. Choosing a date

Crete enjoys many of its tourism during the months between April and October. Particularly for boat parties, we highly recommend choosing a date between June and September. That is because the temperatures are incredibly cosy, offering you plenty of sunshine without getting too hot or too cold. If you want to deal with smaller crowds, you can consider going there in July or August. There are still plenty of activities to be enjoyed even then, but you will not have to deal with as many people.

3. The stuff to bring

All you need to bring to the Malia boat party are your swimwear and towels. Extras include sunglasses, hats and sunblock to ensure you do not end up burning later on as the sun beats down on you. Other than that, party away! They will provide you with plenty of food, drinks and music to keep you excited.


By preparing as early as possible and laying down your plans, you will stand a much higher chance of enjoying your boat parties even more. That being said, anything can happen during your trip. You may or may not have access to Malia boat parties, or you may find yourself stuck on the island with no thanks to the ongoing weather. Whatever happens, always keep an open and adventurous mind! There is plenty to do there, on and off the island, and there is no excuse not to keep partying until the sun starts to rise.

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