The Four Best Barcelona Beaches You Should Not Miss

The city of Barcelona is known for its impressive history, monuments, architecture, museums, galleries, and amazingly rich culture. There are a lot of things to see in this magnificent city, but if you plan to visit soon, one must-have addition to your itinerary is to catch a glimpse of its human-made beach. That’s right! Barcelona’s beaches are all artificial, and yet the National Geographic listed one of them as one of the top beach cities in the world

The Beaches in Barcelona

There were no beaches in this city until 1992. The seaside of Barcelona used to be full of local industries with the entire coastline full of rocks and gravel up until the year when the city decided to host the Olympic Games. The city imported thousands of tons of sand, straight from Egypt’s Sahara desert.

The city now has seven different beaches surrounded by bars, restaurants, and hotels. Here are four out of the seven beautiful beaches in Barcelona you should consider visiting and what to expect from each. 

Playa Barceloneta: The Crowd’s Favourite

When speaking of summer and the beaches in Barcelona, the most popular beach that people will often think about or recommend is Playa Barceloneta. It has the biggest crowds during summer because of its beauty, diverse entertainment, and proximity to the city. If you are looking for a fun night, check out the road that runs along the beach called the Joan De Borbo. At the end of this road, there are bands and singers that play music for a huge crowd. 

Expect to see poi dancers and sand sculptures along the stretch of the beach as well. You will not forget to miss it, as it is the liveliest and noisiest part of the beach. 

Playa Marbella: For the Privacy You Need

If you want a low-key beach where you are free to wear no swimwear at all, visit Playa Marbella instead. You will spot it quickly because it is partitioned off by a big dune right next to the windsurfing centre. This place has it all—from the beautiful beach to the fun parties and bars with live music and various restaurant choices. 

Playa Nova Icaria: The Beach for the Family

If you want a beach where you can interact with more locals than tourists, Playa Nova Icaria is the place to be. Enjoy a fun stay here while drinking a beer and watching friends play volleyball against each other. It is also considered the calmest beach in the city. This beach is made mainly with families in mind, so expect to find more of them here. 

Playa Del Bogatell: For Your Relaxing Beach Experience

Playa Del Bogatell is the safest and most relaxing beach in the city. Similar to Nova Icaria, Del Bogatell is a beach with more locals than tourists. It also has a friendly atmosphere instead of the usual hustle and bustle. However, there are not that many restaurants and shops here, so make sure to bring everything you need.


Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit, not only because of its rich history and culture but also because of its beautiful beaches. If you are planning to visit the city beaches soon, consider going on vacation from July to August, which are the warmest months of the year. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate that ranges from mild, humid winters to warm and dry summers. You will definitely enjoy a swim in their artificial beaches during the summer.

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