Why a Boat Party Is the Best Way to Spend a Weekend

Why a Boat Party Is the Best Way to Spend a Weekend

Partying on a boat has a special kind of magic—there’s something about being out on the sea that creates an intimate but open experience. Whether you’re talking about boat parties in Barcelona, Malia, or elsewhere, there is plenty to enjoy when you’re living it up off the coast. Here are a few good reasons to party on a boat!

You get to enjoy beautiful sunsets

Would you rather be in a dimly-lit booth when partying or see a spectacular sunset over the ocean? Boat parties let you cruise and enjoy some of the most breathtaking vistas around; a boat party in Gran Canaria provides infinitely more picturesque views than the inside of a dark club!

You can experience how the one per cent live

Admit it; at some point, you’ve wondered what it’s like to be ridiculously wealthy. You could bag that experience for an entire weekend if you join a boat party. Something that attracts people to these parties is the ambience. Occasionally, it’s fun to be on a yacht, while wearing white linen pants and sipping from a champagne flute.

Some boat parties are more about bringing clubbing to the sea, though; for instance, the best boat parties in Magaluf have non-stop DJs and entertainment for 350 people, max! It’s the perfect recipe for having a great time.

You can let your hair down completely

Partying on a boat is a great excuse just to get smashed. For one, when you get drunk, it’s not that obvious; everyone will be swaying by the time the boat leaves the dock, so no one will likely mind.

Since your beer goggles will be perfectly acceptable, you can relax and focus on conversations, on dancing, and having a good time. Take care not to hurl, though, and make sure no one topples over!

You’ll have the best pictures for your feed

One of the best parts of being on a boat party is having the pictures to show off to your friends. Think of the fantastic snaps or Instagram stories you can have while on a boat party in Ibiza. From the candid photos of people dancing to sick beats to your carefully posed update with you looking out into the horizon, you’ll be spoiled for choice and have a variety of options for souvenirs.

It’s an excuse to go all-out for a weekend

A party like this is the best chance to test your limits. Are you the type of person who stands at the edge of a room, waiting to see someone you know when out clubbing? A boat party is a great place to adopt a new persona, especially if you know you’re aboard for a good time. Who knows, you might like this ‘new you’ better, and have him stick around!

You never know who you might meet

Conversely, you could meet someone special on a boat cruise. Don’t knock it; people have met the love of their life in stranger ways! The next person you lock eyes with could be The One, or The One For Now. Heck, they could even be new friends, clients, contractors, or partners!


Being on a boat party is an unforgettable way to spend a weekend. From finding new friends to indulging in a unique experience, boat parties have so much to offer! Snatch up your tickets today, and make memories that will surely last for a while.

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