Why Zante Is More Than Just a Party Destination

beach lagoon in Zante greece

If you’ve ever considered a Grecian holiday, you’ll most likely have pictured chewing on grapes, martini in hand on a picnic blanket overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. However, there is more to the Isle of Gods than what pop culture tells you. 

Zante is not just a great place for a party destination, it is also both a quaint and lively destination for millennial and mature travelers seeking the laid back pace of rural Grecian life and a moment to take it easy. Are you visiting Zante for the first time? Get to know its sun-filled days and balmy nights. 

Where to Enjoy Your Island Holiday

There are dozens of Zante resorts from which you can enjoy your beachfront holiday. There’s no need to worry about polishing up your Greek—although the locals will appreciate it—every hotelier is knowledgeable in the English language. Take a five-minute stroll along Zante streets, and you’re likely to come across a helpful native who can point you to a few island hot spots. 

Most Zante hotels provide a buffet selection of Greek delicacies—you can pick and choose what you like and get a little more daring throughout your holiday. Don’t scratch your head if something looks unfamiliar to you. Zante staff will be more than happy to give you a run-down of every dish and even recommend a few unusual local specialties you have to try. 

Hit the Beach

Is it a Grecian getaway if you’re not hitting the beach? Zante boasts a relatively hilly terrain, but its beaches and promenades make for an ideal morning or evening stroll. If you need a bit of a break to bask under the sun, you’ll find no shortage of sun loungers and seafront tavernas. Claim a spot early to enjoy a tropical lunch overlooking the sparkling Ionian Sea. 

Keep in mind that Zantean summers can climb up to a sweltering 40 degrees—you won’t want to skimp on your SPF! Travel in May or June, however, and weather conditions are much more favorable. In the spring, Zante is speckled with dainty foliage, perfect for Kodak moments to take home to family. 

What’s on Your Zante Itinerary?

What you jot down on your Zante agenda will depend on where you’re staying and what you’re hoping to experience. Staycationists can enjoy quiz nights and other amenities and activities in-resort, whereas wanderers might prefer a glass of ouzo by the beach. 

Daytime activities include boules by the shore or a trip to a traditional fishing village and historical sites. If you’re big on Nemea or Santorini, a wine tasting deserves to be on your to-do list. 

Younger travellers might fancy a bit of party at Pure Beach Club or schedule a boat party along Zante’s scooped, sweeping beaches—you never know what unique individuals you’re going to meet! Boat-dwellers can cap off their holiday with a simple sail across the Ionian to take in stunning coastlines and mesmerising views. 


Zante is unceasingly diverse, providing visitors with an endless selection of activities—from food and drink to gentle walks around every corner. In Zante, you can experience everything traditionally Greek and immerse yourself in contemporary culture. 

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