A Guide to Nightlife in Barcelona

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Barcelona nightlife has a place for everyone, and has been described as the party capital of world by some. Perfect for travellers looking to immerse themselves in local cuisine and culture, it’s also welcoming of those in need of a taste of the signature Barcelona disco scene, as well as stag or hen parties. If you’re venturing into the city, be sure to throw some of these pointers into your itinerary. 

When to Kick Off Your Night

Wherever you call home, chances are the hustle and bustle of a night out begin earlier than they do in Barcelona. You won’t expect to see a bar filling in until midnight, after a leisurely dinner that starts at around 9:00 or 10:00 pm. 

Night clubs, on the other hand, pick up the pace at around 3:00 am and remain open until 6:00 am, if not later. Make the most of a night out on Barcelona’s lively streets by taking a much-needed siesta and indulging in a big dinner. 

Staying Safe Around Barcelona

Barcelona is welcoming of locals and tourists alike, but it’s important to always be safe as the city is sometimes home to pickpockets. Take the necessary precautions to secure your belongings. Never leave your things unattended, walk along well-lit streets, keep a close eye on your group, and take the advice of locals. 

How to Get from Point A to Point B

Saturday is the only day the Barcelona metro runs all night. On weekdays, it stops shuttling passengers at midnight, and on Fridays at 2:00 am. After that, you can catch a ride on the limited night buses or hail a cab. Ensure Uber and Cabify are working correctly on your smartphone before booking a ride. 

What to Wear on a Night Out

As with most nightlife hotspots, Barcelona dress codes are relatively laid-back. However, you’ll want to avoid wearing flip-flops or beach attire. For heels-loving party-goers, stilettos and pumps are—unfortunately—not very common, unless you’re hitting an upscale establishment. Beachfront clubs are rife with women in dresses and men in collared shirts. 

What to Expect

Partying like a local means kicking the night off with a heavy meal at 10:00 pm. Then, you can mosey on to a nearby bar at midnight and enjoy a few drinks before dancing the night away at a disco. End the night—or morning—with a classic Spanish breakfast of chocolate con churros or tostadas with tomato. 

Other activities you can try your hand at are: 

A Pub Crawl

If you’re not too handy with a map, your hotel can hook you up with a pub crawl guide, with whom you can explore the best bars and clubs around Barcelona. 

A Boat Party

Can you smell the sweet scent of the ocean from your hotel balcony? That’s right—the Mediterranean is waiting for you, and it’d be a crime not to take its shores at a spectacular boat party. 

A Local Festival

Every summer, each Barcelona neighbourhood hosts a local fiesta. Spending all year preparing for them, they’re nothing short of impressive and something you don’t want to miss if you’re taking a summer holiday. 

The Top Night Clubs in Barcelona

Ready to hit the club? Here are some of Barcelona’s go-to spots: 

  • Apolo: Home to Nasty Mondays, this club is rich with indie music and hosts the occasional gig. 
  • La Terazza: This summer-only club pumps the best electronic music. 
  • Razzmatazz: Explore each of its five unique rooms playing five different sets of music. 
  • Area: This LGBT club is rife with crowd-pleasing tunes. 
  • Marula: Head here for a relaxed yet funky vibe. 
  • Side Car: Are you a big rock n’ roll fan? This is the place to be!
  • Opium, Catwalk, and Shoko: These beachfront clubs are upmarket, but worth the extra Euros!


You haven’t partied until you’ve partied in Barcelona. Whether you plan to hit the town a few times in the week or spend one all-out night in one of the best Spanish clubs around, Barcelona will not let you down. 

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