A Handy Guide to Partying and Clubbing in Zante Island

Young woman on her private yacht

South of the Greek Island of Zante, the Zante Strip, is an infamous 3 km-long road full of non-stop partying. Also known as the Laganas strip, Zante Strip a 15-minute taxi drive from the airport, which means you can get your booze on right after you land. All you need to do is book the nearest hotel and get your liver ready for a weekend full of alcohol and enjoyment!

Booking your trip to Zante island

Just like any out-of-the-country holiday, choosing the nearest hotel destination can save you a lot on your travel expenses. The Zante strip features plenty of luxury and affordable options to choose from. Rooms per night cost around €5, with a standard €50 room deposit per person. You’ll eventually get this deposit back after you check out as long as you keep the room in good condition. Remember to party hard at bars and stay behaved in your hotel room so you won’t have to blow your pocket money on a room deposit.

Choosing your party destination

The Zante Strip is well known for its lively nightlife, filled with great drink deals and partying atmosphere. If you’re planning to set up an itinerary for your visit, here are five drinking destinations you should consider:

1. Start your night with a fishbowl at the Fishbowl

Known as the ‘pre-club’ of Zante, it’s an excellent place to start your drinking. Its summer anthems make it a great atmosphere for any holiday bender.

2. Get cocktails at The Sugar Lounge

If you want to amp up your alcohol levels, The Sugar Lounge’s wide selection of cocktails and shots can get you ready for the club in no time. Just be mindful that during football season since it’s bound to have plenty of guests during matches.

3. Stay classy at the Cocktails & Dreams

If you’re looking for a retro vibe, the Cocktails & Dreams bar features old school bangers for your clubbing experience. However, prepare yourself for long lines before you get in.

4. Experience flair bartenders at the Zeros Club

Zeros Club offers a remarkable capacity of 2,000 party-goers, making it one of the best destinations for clubbing. They feature professional flair bartenders who are well-known across the world.

5. Cap a spectacular night off at the Rescue Club

The ultimate clubbing destination, which is a must-have on your itinerary, is the Rescue Club. It’s the largest super-club in Zante, making it the best place to end your non-stop partying holiday on the Island.

Dealing with the morning after

Besides the night full of drinking and clubbing, you can do plenty of daytime activities in the Zante Strip. Go-karting, escape rooms and mini-golf are some of the more popular group activities you can do.

If you want to take a break from partying and simmer down after a night of drinking, you can get through your hangover with the best-rated beaches in the world. A 10-minute walk from Kalamaki Road will take you to Laganas Beach, where you can enjoy the soothing breeze and refreshing waves. Additionally, you have the option of going to the Pure Beach Club or Mansion Pool. 

On the other hand, you can still push through with a 24/7 drinking bender by going to daytime bars like the Malibooz.


Your holiday is a reward to yourself to let loose, unwind and take a break. This is why going on a drinking and clubbing bender at the Zante Strip is one of the best holiday destinations that you should keep on your bucket list.

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