Daytime vs Night Time Boat Party: What’s the Difference?

No celebration holiday would ever be the same without a boat party to top it all off. But when it comes to booking a boat party or booze cruise, there’s just so much to think about. Destination is the main thing, and there are plenty of top hot spots to choose from. Once that’s sorted, the next big question is, day time or night time boat party? Do you go for a sunset booze cruise in Magaluf? Or a day time boat party in Tenerife? Night owl or day time party animal, here’s all you need to know to help you choose between day and night!

Insomnia boat party Tenerife

Day time boat party or night time booze cruise? To be honest, the only difference is the time of day you set sail! Nothing that goes on during a night time boat party will ever be missing from a day time ocean escapade. So if you’re thinking was that a night time boat party had to be more outrageous, rest assured you won’t be missing anything if your destination of choice only offers a daytime set-sail option. Because the truth is, both are just as totally amazing as each other, and neither will prevent you from throwing caution to the wind and totally letting your hair down! Let’s take a look at some examples.

Day time boat parties

The Sunset Booze Cruise Magaluf kicks off at 2pm and parties on till 6.30pm, cooling off just as the sun starts to set. Let’s call this one a day time boat party.

Once on board this stunning £5 million super-yacht, there’s masses to enjoy. CO2 and confetti cannons: check. Holi Paint rainbow powder party: check. Live DJs and banging summer sounds: check. Swim stops: you’ve got it – check. There’s also an onboard pay-bar stacked with beers, spirits and mixers, sangria, cocktails and shots. AND free fresh fruit and pasta salad too. What’s more, your ticket gets you into the infamous Shipwrecked after-party at Lineker’s Bar, as well as netting you free entry to one of Magaluf’s coolest clubs AND the infamous beachside champagne pool parties.

Another seriously popular day time booze cruise is the Tenerife boat party. This one sets sail at 3.30pm. There’s tonnes on offer, including a warm-up party and an unlimited free bar exclusively including top shelf spirits and mixers. Then we’ve got pretty much the same tempting checklist: live DJs mixing the coolest tracks. Invigorating swim stops. Plus again a host of value-packed bonus extras, including a discount wristband valid for the entire duration of your stay at some of the coolest bar and club venues on the island. Ideal if you’re looking to seriously party on Tenerife!

Night time boat parties

Now, let’s compare those day time boat parties with one of the most booked night time escapades: the Barcelona Booze Cruise. Starting out at 7.30pm after a 90-minute warm-up meet, you’ve got two hours of serious partying at sea on a double-decked purpose-built party boat. Pre-party? Oh yes. Live DJs? For sure. All-inclusive beer and sangria? Definitely. VIP entry to Barcelona’s hottest clubs for the duration of your stay? Absolutely yes! When it comes to night time boat parties, Barcelona has a lot to offer!

So, what’s the real difference between a day time and a night time boat party? Look at it like this. Each has its own merits. In other words, don’t think day or night, just think… what floats YOUR boat?! Free bar? Entertainment? Food? It’s all in your hands!

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Day time or night time, a boat party will always be the ultimate highlight of any holiday.

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